What’s The Best Dental Appliance for Snoring?

    Snoring may be a subject of ridicule and jokes for some people, but for most folks this sleeping disorder is more serious than it appears to be. It’s very likely that you have decided to eliminate snoring for good, and you may have read that a dental appliance for snoring can provide an effective means of controlling the condition.

    While there have been other treatment modalities for snoring such as continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) and surgical procedures, oral appliance therapy has proven to be the most popular way of controlling and eliminating snoring.

    There are many reasons behind this. One, oral appliances are simple to use. Two, these devices are cheaper compared to other snoring treatment options like CPAP machine and surgery. Plus, most snorers would likely accept this treatment methodology than them undergoing surgery.

    Of course, you can expect a mouthpiece for snoring to be effective in preventing you from snoring. The success rate of a mouth guard for snoring can be comparable to that of uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (UPPP), a surgical procedure wherein excess tissues in the throat are removed and widen the airways, preventing snoring in the process.

    There are other advantages of oral appliances over CPAP machine.  One is that it is less noticeable compared to a CPAP machine. Another advantage is that it does not make any noise, and there’s no need for a power supply.


    TypesThere are basically two types of oral appliances designed to stop snoring—mandibular advancement device and tongue retaining device.

    Also called MAD, the first type of oral appliance for snoring is considered the most widely used device for sleeping disorders.  It looks much like a mouth guard used by professional athletes. It snaps over the lower and upper dental arches, with metal hinges that enable you to ease the lower jaw forward.

    A tongue retaining device, on the other hand, holds the tongue in place to prevent it from falling back in the throat and obstructing the flow of the air. It is used less commonly than MAD.

    A tongue retaining device is ideal for people who have a big tongue, or those with a tongue muscle that relaxes during sleep. It is also appropriate for people who have large tonsils and long uvula. It is also ideal for people who lack the thyroid hormone, resulting to a larger tongue and increasing fatty deposits in the tissues of the upper airways.

    What to Look for In an Oral Appliance

    There are certain things that you want in an oral appliance for snoring.

    One is that the device should fit accurately and comfortably. This is very important as you would want the unit to fit well in your mouth, without causing discomfort. Of course, if the mouthpiece is uncomfortable to use, you will likely stop using it.  You also have to find a mouthpiece that will remain in position all night.

    Second factor to consider in choosing an oral appliance designed to stop snoring is its adjustability. A good anti-snoring oral appliance should be able to adjust mandibular position.  While most MADs are sold as one-size, you can adjust the fitting through a process called the boil-and-bite method.

    Don’t let the name of the process dumbfound you as it is pretty much easy to do. You only need to drop the mouthpiece in boiling water for a 1-2 minutes, then allow it to cool down, before inserting it in your mouth and biting it down.

    You’d also want to purchase one that has  a hinged designed as it would allow you to breathe and move your mouth naturally.  Or, you would opt for those with air spacers that would ensure your mouth won’t close completely as you sleep.

    The mouthpiece should also be safe. Ideally, it must be BPA-free. BPA is a toxic chemical commonly used in plastic production and has been linked to various health concerns like aggressiveness, cancer, diabetes, birth defects, heart disease, and miscarriage.

    Just like in choosing any other product, you will consider the price of the oral device. Most products range from $50 to $200. While a cheaper device may be more budget-friendly, it may not last long compared to the other more expensive oral appliances.

    The dental appliance you should get must have a money back guarantee. Most snoring solutions offer a 30 day money back guarantee, although there are some that offer up to 90 days.

    Best Anti-Snoring Dental Appliance

    While there are numerous oral appliances that are designed to stop snoring, Zyppah may just have to be the best of the lot. Many stop snoring mouthpiece reviews agree that Zyppah has the qualities you want from an anti-snoring mouthpiece.

    Best Anti-Snoring Dental ApplianceZyppah can be considered as a hybrid oral design because it combines the qualities of MADs and tongue retaining devices. Hence, it presents a dual action in preventing snoring. Zyppah keeps the lower jaw slightly forward, opening the airways and lessening the chances that there would be vibration that causes snoring. It also stabilizes the tongue with its patent-pending band, similar to how tongue retaining devices work.

    Zyppah is not your typical run-off-the-mill snoring solution. It was actually designed by a dentist with a background in bio engineering. Said specialist has also spent years studying about snoring and sleep apnea, and how to effectively treat these sleeping disorders.

    Zyppah is not exactly expensive. You can get one at $89, and the oral appliance would last for up to a year of use. You’ll definitely get your money’s worth with Zyppah as it has been proven effective to eliminate snoring the very first night that you use it.

    Fitting Zyppah is easy as you can put it in boiling water, let it cool for a few seconds, then bite it.

    This product is cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration, while the company behind it is accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

    With all these things going for Zyppah, it is not difficult to understand why many snorers and sleep experts consider it as among the best snoring solutions today. If you’re looking for a dental appliance for snoring, you should have Zyppah in your short list.

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