Does Zyppah Work?

    You’ve heard from a colleague about the Zyppah snore device that he’s been using every night. You may have also seen some online advertisements of this product. But does Zyppah work in preventing snoring?  This Zyppah review reveals the truth.

    To some guys, snoring maybe the least of their concerns. But this should not be the case as there have been a lot of studies linking snoring to various health risks.  It has been associated with stroke, as studies have shown that the loudness of snoring at night can be linked to a person’s long-term risk for a stroke. Snoring can also be linked to heart disease and arrhythmias.

    Aside from the health risks of snoring, you should also be familiar with the impact it has on your relationship with your partner. Your wife or girlfriend may have been complaining a lot about how loud you snore. If you don’t find a solution to your snoring woes, then you might even end up being broken hearted as your partner may eventually leave you.

    These are some of the reasons why you should give Zyppah a try. This is considered by some snorers as the best snoring mouthpiece yet.

    What is Zyppah?

    What is ZyppahZyppah snoring solution is an oral appliance designed to stop snoring. Its name represents happy Z or sleeping with its manufacturer spelling it backwards. The product was designed by Dr. Jonathan Greenburg, a dentist who has spent more than 10 years researching about snoring and sleep apnea.

    How Does It Work?

    Unlike other anti-snoring mouthpieces that only push the jaw slightly forward to open the airways during sleep, Zyppah works in two ways to eliminate snoring effectively—tongue stabilization and mandibular repositioning.

    Making use of an elastic band that holds and stabilizes the tongue, Zyppah prevents the said muscle from falling back into the throat and obstructing the flow of air.

    Zyppah is the only oral appliance available on the market today that stabilizes the tongue. The elastic band across the back of Zyppah is a revolutionary design that holds the tongue in place when you sleep.

    Apart from stabilizing the mouth during sleep, Zyppah also advances the jaw slightly forward.  Incorporating mandibular repositioning technology, Zyppah improves airflow and reduces the snoring sound.

    By stabilizing the tongue and moving the jaw slightly forward during sleep, Zyppah eliminates the usual causes of blocked airways that cause vibration when you inhale and exhale, and which result to that awful snoring sound.
    And unlike other stop snoring solutions like surgery, Zyppah can make you stop snoring the very first night you use it.

    How Do You Use Zyppah?

    You’ll have to wear Zyppah before going to bed so you won’t snore and keep your partner awake all night long.

    Dr. Greenburg designed the product to fit the great majority of users. Zyppah has a soft, moldable material that you can shape for your own mouth. So how do you ensure that Zyppah fits well in your mouth? Here’s a short guide.

    After removing the device from its packaging, rinse tit under warm water. Then heat a medium sized pot of water; allow it to cool for a minute or so after the water reaches boiling point temperature.

    Using a pair of tongs, submerge Zyppah under hot water for a minute. You can use the tongs to hold the device under water as there is a tendency for Zyppah to naturally float. Once the 60 seconds is up, remove the device from the hot water and let it cool for 20 seconds.

    Bite down onto Zyppah a few seconds later when the unit has cooled. This should make a personalized mode for your own teeth.

    How to Maintain Cleanliness

    Since you’ll be wearing Zyppah in your mouth all night long, you have to keep the device clean and germ free. The company that sells the product offers SNAP, a special cleaner that can maintain a clean and germ-free environment for your anti-snoring mouthpiece. SNAP kills bacteria, fungus and virus and keeps your mouthpiece sanitized.

    Does It Work?

    If we are to base it on online reviews, then we can say that Zyppah really works in eliminating snoring, or at least reducing the snoring sound.

    Does It Work?Many online reviewers say that the Zyppah has been able to control their snoring. Some report that they didn’t snore the first night that they used Zyppah. Others say it took day a few days before Zyppah’s effects became very much noticeable. The general consensus is that Zyppah is effective in treating snoring.

    The effectiveness of Zyppah in controlling snoring may be attributed to its dual action design. It not only prevents the tongue from falling back into the throat and impeding the flow of air during sleep, Zyppah also gently moves the jaw forward. Thus there’s a very low chance of vibration caused by narrow airways, the primary reason why we snore.

    Aside from the fact that Zyppah works in preventing snoring, there are other things you’ll like about this product. One is that it has a very slim profile, which means you won’t get that irritable feeling of having a mouthful of plastic.

    The company behind it also offers a 90 day money back guarantee. It gives you peace of mind knowing that you’ll get your money back should you find Zyppah a dud. And it also gives you enough time to adjust to wearing the mouthpiece, and to determine if this is the right snoring solution for you.

    As long as you take good care of it, you can expect Zyppah to last for at least a year.

    The design may be the least of your concerns, but you should also know that there are limited edition Zyppah mouthpieces available today. The Zyppah military mouthpiece appeals mostly to men, while the Zyppah pink mouthpiece is geared towards women.

    Should You Buy It?

    Zyppah only costs less than $100. It’s very reasonably priced. And since we’ve answered your question ‘does Zyppah work?’  Then there’s really no reason why you should not give this product a try.

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